Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kill them with humor

Stephan Kinsella and Mike Rozeff urge the use of humor in battling the TSA. Here's a great example: a traveler who was fed up with emptying his pockets now just takes off his pants and puts them through the scanner. Underneath, he's got underwear with a sarcastic message ("I <heart> TSA").

For those of you who plan to opt-out next time, here's my twist on it. When the TSO starts the "We've got an opt-out" echo, start stripping. You can have a bathing suit on so that there's no way you'll get an indecency citation. Or maybe get a message printed on your undies. The "I <heart> TSA" is great because it can't possibly be construed as offensive. Other possibilities are "Frisk me for freedom" or "I love a good pat-down." Please share your ideas in the comments.