Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What part of "Goodbye" didn't you understand, Jet Blue?

Marilyn Masiker received her form-letter response from Jet Blue, reprinted below. Keep scrolling to read her affirmation of her rights, and what she expects Jet Blue to do about it.
Hello Marilyn,

Thank you for contacting JetBlue Airways. We appreciate you taking the time to write in to
us and understand your concerns with changes to the TSA security process in airports. Your
comments will be passed along to our Leadership.

The Transportation Security Administration is responsible for all facets of security. The TSA
organization is government run and is responsible for ensuring that no dangerous items are
brought into the main airport waiting area, or onboard the aircraft. JetBlue does not employ any
persons that work for the TSA.
We recommend that in addition to contacting your Government representatives that you
bring this issue to the attention of the Travel Security Administration. You can reach them by
telephone at 1-866-289-9673, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. ET, or by
email at

Thank you for choosing JetBlue! We look forward to seeing you onboard.


Customer Commitment
JetBlue Airways
Crewmember 88082
Marilyn's response:
Dear Susan,

Thank you for your prompt reply and your kind assurance that my concerns will be passed along to
JetBlue’s leadership.

Your concerned response on behalf of JetBlue as well as my original complaint and our further
correspondence has and will continue to be passed on to the public.

You may look forward to seeing me onboard a Jet Blue flight if you wish but you will not see me onboard
your airplane. I quite clearly stated in my letter that I will not be flying your airline until such a time
that I will not have to face a strip search (via Imaging scanner) or alternatively sexual assault (enhanced
pat down in which a TSA agent can touch my genitals and breasts) before I am allowed to reach the
boarding door of your Jet.

I am scheduled to fly on November 19. I booked that ticket on October 27th. I am canceling this round
trip flight. Your response is inadequate to assure me safe passage to the door of your jet.

The problem is that the ticket was purchased before the disclosure that to get to the plane required
either that I appear naked via an imaging scanner (and as an aside, that I be exposed to unknown
health risks from radiation) or alternatively, that I allow myself to be sexually assaulted. Those terms
were either unknown to both parties at the time of purchase, or worse, unknown only to me at time
of purchase and know to JetBlue but not disclosed to their customers. Either way, on the part of the
airline, keeping the money for this cancelled flight does not honor the transaction between us which

was made in good faith on October 27th. I do not wish to be given anything other than a full refund to
my credit card. Future flights are not a viable option since I won’t be flying in the future. Regardless
of the fact that this is a non-refundable ticket, as the buyer (On October 27th) I had the reasonable
expectation that radiation, forced exposure of my nude body, and or sexual assault would not be
necessary in order to board the plane and take the seat I purchased from you.

Make no mistake, this is JetBlue’s problem. The government has tainted the product you sold
after the sale. You are not able to deliver the product for which you charged my credit card. The
expectation that I could get to the doorway of your jet without the violation of my 4th amendment
rights and without subjecting myself to health hazards, forced nudity, or sexual assault is a reasonable
expectation. In fact, the idea that that would not be possible is incredulous and bizarre. But that
is what you and I are dealing with. Remember, I purchased this ticket before these completely
unacceptable terms were in place. An open Reuters poll of over 70 thousand people taken over the
weekend has revealed that if given knowledge of this situation 96% of people would chose not to fly. I
chose not to fly! I am notifying you that I am cancelling this ticket right now. I will speak to a customer
representative and have it cancelled by phone to insure you have full knowledge of my intentions and
my expectation that I be refunded in full. I would like the entire amount of my ticket refunded to my
credit card. I purchased this ticket in good faith. You no longer have a viable means to transport me to
see my granddaughter. You have an ethical obligation to resolve this to the satisfaction of any customer
who was blindsided as I was by this change of conditions.

I appreciate your effort and in this matter and am confident that JetBlue will in keeping with their
tradition of honoring the rights and dignity of their customers, reimburse my ticket purchase to my
credit card in full.

Thank you again for the many good fights and excellent service I have received flying JetBlue over the